What involved in coaching?

Any discipline designed to improve your life, health or career requires time commitment, a plan or process to get to the next level and the desire to achieve the end result(s).  To gain the impact of coaching, which can improve your life and or career, requires the same commitment to a process that includes time and a desire for results.  Let me highlight what that process looks like:

  • Time - There is no defined time period to reach your desired results, but it usually does not happen overnight.  The length of time is determined by the process.  Both you and the coach will begin to understand when the coaching period is coming to end.  If the end results are well defined and each session builds towards a solution, the time period may be short.  But if the end results are not clearly defined or the target continues to change, the time required to reach your goals may take an extended period.  What matters is your commitment to the time it takes to be successful at achieving your goals.
  • Being Open & Honest - This is required of both yourself and the coach. 
    • Be open about what you want to achieve
    • Be honest about what holds you back
    • Be open to the commitment it takes to get where you want to be
    • Be open and honest in your communications and expect the coach to do the same
    • Be open to tell the coach when he is moving in the wrong direction and the coach will do the same with you
    • Be open to dealing with hard truths, but honest about your expression or emotions
    • Be open to change, when it is required
    • Be open to doing or saying things in a different way
  • Action - Coaching will require that you spend time reflecting on ideas that come up in the sessions. It may require you put into practice suggestions and ideas that come out of those sessions.  It will require you take the next step and the next step to reach your goals.  You need to commit to taking action when its needed and understand the reasons and results of those actions.
  • Be Present - Life and all it throws at us can make for neverending chaos, but in order to progress in the coaching process, you must be present during the session.  Determine a time and a place where you can leave behind your daily distractions for the duration of the session.

The first session is a complimentary discovery session.  It usually lasts about 30 minutes.  It is designed to:

  • Determine the areas of focus

  • Determine if the working relationship will be productive

  • Discuss the meeting times, dates and terms

  • Discuss what you what to achieve


Coaching, whether for business or personal growth, provides an environment for positive change, development and fulfillment.  Each person has the potential locked within to achieve greater things in work or life, but sometimes a little help is needed to turn the key.  That is where coaching can be valuable.  It provides a whole host of benefits, but let me list just a few:

  • an environment to express your fears or doubts and then find ways to manage them
  • an environment to discover, manage and defeat your saboteurs
  • an environment that allows you to discover what motivates and drives you forward
  • an environment that allows you to be creative in testing boundaries
  • an environment that supports your move forward
  • an environment designed for you to assist you in your growth
  • an environment without limits
  • an environment that allows you to take the next step even if you need to step back sometimes
  • an environment that helps you understand how successful you can be

As with any process, you will eventually define what coaching means to you. 

So let me help you with turning the key to unlock the full potential of you!d