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Certified Daring Way Facilitator

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Member of ICF - International Coach Federation

Charter for Compassion/Social Justice member charterforcompassion.org

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my Mission

My purpose for coaching is to bring the experience, training and compassion I’ve developed over the years to assist you in overcoming barriers, perceived and actual, that prevent you from achieving your full potential. I want to inspire change where change is needed, growth which expands one’s options, as well as possibilities and help achieve fulfillment to dance in step with life as fully as humanly possible!

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We are a sum total of all of our experiences which can make it difficult to see or hear what we may be called to do.  If you know where to look and how to see, the directional markers are all around and have always been there. Even if you think you know what it is you are meant to do, it can be difficult to weed out all of the noise so you can focus on the things that are meaningful.

When you finally see or hear the markers or find the focus, you begin to move through life with new energies.  You can feel the momentum build. You can see the right road where most of the traffic lights are green.  Even if you hit a red light, you will know it will last just long enough to make you remember what direction you are heading.

I came to coaching after many decades of missing the directional markers.  I’ve spent countless hours trying to find my ‘passion’. It eluded me.  Instinctively I knew passion is something we create. It is not something to be found.  So with every venture, I design the passion I want to feel.   Then I wondered what is my story, who am I?  But again, I learned my story is the one I continue to tell and continue to write.  Some chapters may be better than others, but it only ends when I am no more.

Still I needed to find the service I could bring to the world in some way.   After spending time with my coach, I saw the markers.  From grade school through my early adult years, I volunteered to teach/tutor, first young children and then adults, to read and write.  I followed up with volunteering for the society for the blind. Each professional job I held, I worked to develop programs, mentor and provide guidance to others to help them discover and reach their potential.  I taught at the University Phoenix for a number of years, not only sharing my knowledge with smart people, but gaining knowledge from them as well. I assisted in developing mentoring programs for minority employees to help them gain the knowledge and insight into what it takes to be successful in the corporate world.

As I struggled early on when I enrolled in college, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to major in, so I opted for accounting.  After two years, I changed to electrical engineering.  A year later it became communications/journalism which I graduated with a degree.   During my time in school, I worked a number of jobs finally landing in a customer contact job.  Without realizing it, it became my career.  I progress through the ranks of several major companies, learning the skills needed to manage people, business, systems, processes and myself to develop a very successful career.  To help add foundation to the experience I gained in my career, I went back to school to obtain an MBA. That gave some of the things I learned by doing more depth.

About eight years ago, I started reading about coaching.  I did not realize it at the moment, but the goals of coaching fit perfectly into my unconscious desire to teach, mentor and develop people to reach outside what they know to find more success in work and in life.  I entered CTI coach training program.  I knew I wanted to be coach. I certified as a coach through International Coach Federation (ICF) and a certified Daring Way facilitator.  I have the opportunity to coach and interact with a number of people who have developed new levels of success in business, career and life.

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Michael, ACC Coach, Mentor & Cultural Decoder & CDWF-Candidate